What do you think they should do?

So there’s this gist that some of our staff were talking about the other day about a lady who wanted to buy some furniture for her house and she ordered a complete settee (sofas etc all the works), a hardwood dining set, two occasional chairs for the ante room area, brown sectionals and a TV console unit. Of course this was a nice order and the furniture company was naturally excited to process it until they heard her house was a mini flat and they were concerned about the space constraints in fitt all the furniture in.

Did we mention the order was based on a juicy promotion advertised by the furniture company? Ahhhh it was a good discount that just could not be passed off so she ordered without considering where she was going to put the items. You see, she was expecting her boyfriend to propose that month and the items would be theirs in a bigger house so the order was legit. Anyways she paid and the company started the production of the items......👊.

When it was time to deliver a month later, she said she wanted to put the delivery on hold indefinitely because her boyfriend wasn’t ready for marriage as she had thought😢🤦‍♀️....being a huge step for him (story for another day🤷‍♀️👀) Now here she was stuck with a huge furniture order and no where to store them.

We would like your opinion on what you think she should do because she told the company not to deliver them because of zero storage space and the company on the other hand can’t keep the goods in their factory indefinitely as it would affect their operations due to limited work areas. They also don’t want to lose this customer or her referrals 😢.

What advice would you give to either party in this scenario? Would love to read your comments on this.


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