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About Us

Our Background

Unikke Design Furniture is a reputable Interior Design & Furniture Making Company based in Nigeria.

We specialize in providing exceptional design solutions and high-quality furniture for both commercial and residential projects.

Whether you're seeking a modern or contemporary style, we have the perfect interior design elements to elevate your space.

Our extensive client base includes a diverse range of industries such as tech startups, banks, insurance companies, and even oil and gas corporations. We take great pride in serving these esteemed clients and exceeding their expectations.

What sets us apart is our remarkable team of professionals. Our dedicated workforce consists of architects, interior designers, CAD specialists, furniture installers, and talented product designers. They combine their expertise and creativity to deliver outstanding results, ensuring that we always live up to our brand promise.

At Unikke Design, we firmly believe that customer satisfaction boils down to one crucial factor: consistency. It's the cornerstone of our approach and embedded in everything we do.

As a company, our ultimate goal is to become a leading furniture manufacturing enterprise in the nation. With our in-house design experts.

Unikke Furniture is your trusted partner in transforming spaces and bringing your design visions to life. Join us on this exciting journey and experience the perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics, and craftsmanship.

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