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In need of furniture? Then tell us if this sounds like YOU...

  1. You want a unique furniture design layout that matches who YOU are.

  2. You see your space as an extension of your personal style, creative vision and brand image.

  3. You have a strong vision of the bespoke, curated space you want and are not willing to settle.

  4. You want a collaborative, personalised experience, from the initial concept through the delivery.

  5. You want to work with a team that delivers outstanding results every time.

Our Expert Team of Interior Designers, Furniture Designers and Artisans are here to make your design vision come to life with all the personalised customer care you expect from a Furniture Production Company.

Click the links below to view some of our past jobs completed and also book a Design Consultation. 

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Home office Furniture
Conference Table.jpeg
Reception Furniture.jpeg
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Why Work With Us?

What we Offer;

We create innovatively-designed, meticulously-handcrafted custom furniture, distinctive casework, fine woodworking and specialty projects.

At Unikke Design Furniture, you can be rest assured that style and sustainability run in our roots and everything we do is from the heart, our vision is to offer sustainable luxury furnishings in a range of styles to suit every space, lifestyle, and budget.

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