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6 Things to consider when Setting your kitchen Space. No. 3 & 6 are Deal Breakers

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

The kitchen is the centre point of the home. It is a host to so many activities of the day which includes preparing everyday meals, entertaining visitors, storage of food items, and a couple of others and therefore should be a place you enjoy staying in. For this reason, the kitchen should be designed adequately to look good, while being functional as well to suit your needs. In designing your dream kitchen or revamping your kitchen space, there are six factors you’d need to consider and that is what we’ll be looking into right away.

Cash at hand: So first things first, cash at hand or available funds. Money makes the world go round, they say. More often than not, before you embark on a project or seek to purchase an item, you should bear in mind the amount of money you have set aside for that purpose. This set amount of money would help you plan adequately. With this budget in mind, it would help you consider the important parts of the project like the cabinets, and flooring first and then others second.

Layout/Design: The next thing to consider when setting up your kitchen space is to come up with a layout design. When coming up with a design, you would need to factor in the activities that you intend to do in this space as well as your style. The design should entail areas where the main kitchen parts and the components should be positioned. These components include the kitchen sink, fridge and countertop. It is advised you employ the triangle theory in your design to avoid items being clustered and ensure efficiency. This triangle theory states that the distance between the three main appliances should range between 12 and 23 feet so that everything is always within reach.

Ventilation: The flow of air in the kitchen area is vital as a result of the activities carried out there and the amount of heat generated. So you must consider ventilation when setting up your kitchen space. Also, you need adequate ventilation in your kitchen to ensure that foul odours are not retained after using the kitchen. For some kitchen projects, we advise the use of powerful extractors and for some others positioning the right size of windows. It all depends on the size of the kitchen in quote and the budget.

Flooring: Having selected the style of kitchen you would like to set up, you also need to factor in the flooring in setting up your kitchen space. When considering the type of floor you’re adopting, you would need to have safety in mind first, which would help you determine the type of floor finishing and the texture. This is because you would want to use a smooth tile finishing used in the office or conference hall in your kitchen to avoid slipping when the floor is wet. Having selected the type of flooring. Colour combination: Having gotten your kitchen design set, the next thing is to consider the colour combination of the different aspects of the design to give it a perfect feel and not a conflicting one. The colour of each aspect of the design should complement each other to give it an appropriate balance.

Storage: This is another factor to consider in any kitchen space set-up. Looking at the different purposes the kitchen would be serving. For example, if your apartment or space has a provision for a store, then your kitchen design would not need to have so many cabinets. Just a few is fine for your appliances, cups and cutlery as well as cooking ingredients. Whereas, if your kitchen is to serve as the kitchen and the store, then provisions should be made for storage.

Work with a professional: Last but not least, work with a FURNITURE AND DESIGN COMPANY for design ideas and implementation to suit your style while working with your budget.

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