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A workstation...hmmm...Why?

Most of the time offices don’t maximize the space they have; they just order singular tables for each staff member and end up taking up all the corridor spaces that should be left for circulation.

This usually happens when the admin person in charge gets a request from a department about new hires to resume and they just go ahead and place the order. It’s good news for the furniture company getting the order but in terms of square meter optimization and the general aesthetics, it just might mean a cluster of people all pushed into a space without a design layout.

What you should consider when selecting a workstation:

  1. It’s simple; the total number of people

  2. The brand design (company colors)

  3. Total square meter area

  4. The components (drawers or pedestal)

  5. Accessories and table top

Workstations come in different sizes, colors, and designs. There are 2/3/4/6/8/10 seater workstations but most commonly used ones are 4 and 6 seater workstations because they are most flexible to fit into spaces for office use.

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