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Office Breakout Areas Ideas - How to Design

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

A breakout space is a space where employees of the company can relax, dine, and interact with other employees of the company. It is essentially a space different from the work space of the company.

Setting up breakout areas in employee organization rooms is becoming more and more popular and is spreading around the world. The concept of the breakout area has evolved beyond the soft seats in the corners of the office and the small old dining room or cafeteria, they are now carefully designed spaces that helps induce creativity, innovative thinking, physical health and improved general well-being of employees.

Benefits of a Breakout Area

Breakout rooms or area can make all the difference to a company as opposed to a company without one, where employees appears to be automated. They just come to work and do what they are supposed to do without being invested in the company, therefore creating below optimal performance. It therefore means that breakout rooms improve productivity.

Similarly, breakout areas help improve the mental and physical wellbeing of employees. In the case when an employee is tired or strained, he can always use the breakout area to unwind.

It increases collaboration and engagement among the employees of a company. Work can quickly become impersonal, but breakout areas act as a place where employees can interact, and socialize even while unwinding

Thus the importance of breakout areas cannot be overlooked by companies that value their employees.

Factors to Consider when Setting up a Breakout Area Design.

Some important factors to consider when setting up a design an efficient breakout space that will be functional and will contribute towards your employee’s satisfaction and engagement;


The breakout area is very different from the normal work area and this should be reflected in all of this area. For example, invest in furniture that encourages relaxation, for both employees and company visitors, distracts their minds from work, and encourages recovery from all activities in the workplace. Consider getting a very comfortable sofa, bean bag, and pod seat. All of these help employees feel comfortable and relaxed. It allows them to escape from the work environment for a short time and just relax.


Colors have been proven to greatly influence and affect the human mood which is why the color of your break-out space is so important. Color will determine if employees feel relaxed or focused. Shy away from colors that are depressing and go for cheery colors that will encourage them to relax and help them do away with stress. Consider choosing between light blue pale green or yellow. You could even use a creative combination of two or three of these colors. You could even branch out and do a little research on color psychology so as to know which color will be best. Also, try to incorporate a little of your brand color in the space.


The kind of texture of your breakout space will also influence how effective or not this space will be. Go for fun playful textures different from the very serious feeling, rigid ones you use in the office.


Breakout space is a place where people can chill and relax, so bright and inspiring lighting is a necessity. It would be great if there was a window facing the east of the room so that sunlight could enter the room. If you don't have windows and don't have access to sunlight, invest in circadian lighting that provides enough light to brighten and invigorate your employees.


Some Breakout Areas Ideas


You can book a design consultation with us today and an Interior Design Expert will get in touch with you to better guide you and help you visualize what will be the best design for your breakout area. We also will aid you with 2D/3D computer-generated images if we're handling your projects and also do all the Interior Design work and furniture design to your taste and create the most relaxing and fun space for you and your organization.

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