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5 tips for selecting the right furniture for your office

1) Have the dimensions for the space you want to install your office furniture. You can add a few decorative elements to make your space pop if you don't have enough windows.

2) Select colours that promotes your brand and expresses your personality. Safe colours are usually better but if you can't decide you can always select silver or grey with a blend of primary colours for the furniture pieces you buy.

3) List out the people who will need the furniture items and determine what suits each person's preference. Some people veer away from fabric sofas for example and only work well with leather sofas only.

4) Office furniture is such a broad description so make sure you specify which one you want e.g Tables, Swivel chairs, conference table, reception tables, manager's tables etc.

5) Finally, It is important to work with an Interior Design Consultant to help you with the space management of your office to ensure you are getting the best arrangement for each square meter area.

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